Permaculture Design Companion

The Permaculture Design Companion is a practical 190 page workbook that uses permaculture tools to bring your project to reality.


Permaculture Design Companion

This is a practical workbook to apply permaculture to your OWN project from start to finish. It is a step by step guide for integrating places and people, buildings and ecosystems.

The Permaculture Design Companion is a thorough and effective design tool, suitable for absolute beginners and advanced practice. The process can be used for small to large projects, in urban spaces or the countryside, whatever your situation.

This unique resource combines analysis, creativity and inner work. This book will inspire you to design with Nature; bring clarity and organisation to your ideas; and provide the momentum and support to make your design into reality.

Are You:

~ inspired by permaculture, yet unsure how to apply it?

~ concerned with species loss and climate change?

~ in need of a task master to get a project done?

~ interested in design and natural systems?

~ keen to be the designer rather than a client?

~ enthusiastic to 'be the change' and have fun doing so?

We have trained over 1000 people and know this process works, whether you've heard of permaculture or not. This design guide is based on over 20 years of experience, modelling thriving ecosystems to design and build homes, living off-grid and rewilding land.

The Permaculture Design Companion includes activities on:

Observation ~ Patterns in Nature and Design ~ Defining your Vision ~ Surveying and Mapping ~ Analysis & Design Techniques ~ Effective Planning ~ Troubleshooting ~ Wild Plants and Forest gardens.

Many thanks to everyone for bringing this project to life; beloved husband, Permanent Publications, book buyers, proof readers, designers, printers, colleagues, friends and family.


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Testimonials about the Permaculture Design Companion:

'This totally changed the way I observe my land and tackle design'

'I now feel anything is possible if I use the Permaculture Principles, Jasmine makes permaculture into easy to digest, fun chunks. I'm hungry to design more projects'

'An excellent teacher with a vast array of learning styles to suit anyone'

'I highly recommend this resource to give you the stepping stones for your beautiful One Planet life'

'A great resource, inspiring activities and innovatively taught'

'Engaging and applicable to any project'

'Baskets fulls of creativity, social conscience and human compassion'

'Absolutely brilliant'

'Energetic, informative and passionate activities'

'Amazing, beautiful and inspiring'

'Love made visible'